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Gel Polish Manicure or Pedicure | £28.00

Builder in a Bottle & Gel Polish Manicure | £30.00

Builder In a Bottle gel is used to add a thin layer of strength underneath Gel Polish. Perfect for thin bendy nails or to prolong your nails.


Acrylic Extensions & Gel Polish | £40.00

Using only the very best, CND acrylic system.

Acrylic Infills with Gel Polish | £30.00

Mega Volume uses finer lashes to create bigger fans to create a super full, thick look. Only suitable for clients with lots of healthy, strong lashes.


Add Basic Nail Art | between £1-5

Glitter, foils. abstract, marble or pigment


Add Detailed Nail Art | between £1-10

Flames, floral or other hand painted nail art

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